What to consider when you look for an Accountant or Firm

Foremost is you need to look for an accountant or practice who can provide expert advice for your business. The practice should be able to look after all aspects of the business; Business growth, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax all to be covered.

Depending on your business, you may need to look at the accountant’s location, the division of workload and the type of accounting software you’ll use. It’s in your best interests to have an experienced, capable person handling one of the core aspects of your business namely your finances. The right accountant will save you time and money year after year.

Value of an accountant is in driving the growth of your business. Accountant/Practice should have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to drive that growth.

When you approach a Practice or an Accountant, you should ask about their experience in the businesses like you, sectors/industries where they have the expertise, their experience and how they are different from the other accountants. Accounts is vital for your business, so you need to find how they can support your business.

You should ask for their charges, a full breakdown of charges and service. Most small businesses are price conscious however that should not be the criteria to take an accountant on board, your businesses will need help with financial forecasting, writing a business plan and raising external investment, so at that time, you need someone who is adept in that. An accountant who gives you the best value service is the one you should take.

Best Value Service Pointers

  • Choose a certified or chartered accountant
  • Choose the accountant with relevant expertise
  • Choose the one who provides a complete service
  • Choose the one who provides Cost effective service
  • Choose the one who can talk to government and business associations
  • Choose the one who can work with your accounting software
  • Choose the one who can guide you