Useful Forms & Links


These forms are either online forms or PDFs. The online forms can be viewed in your browser. To view the PDF forms you need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or an equivalent PDF reader) installed on your PC.

  • AA01

    Change of accounting reference date

  • AA02

    Dormant Company Accounts (DCA)

  • AD01

    Change of registered office address

  • AD01

    Change of location of the company records to the registered office

  • AP01

    Appointment of director

  • AP02

    Appointment of corporate director

  • AP03

    Appointment of secretary

  • AP04

    Appointment of corporate secretary

  • CH01

    Change of director’s details

  • CH02

    Change of corporate director’s details

  • CH03

    Change of secretary’s details

  • CH04

    Change of corporate secretary’s details

  • DS01

    Striking off application by a company

  • IN01

    Application to register a company

  • SH01

    Return of allotment of shares

  • SH03

    Return of purchase of own shares

  • SH06

    Notice of cancellation of shares

  • TM01

    Termination of appointment of director

  • TM02

    Termination of appointment of secretary

  • VAT1

    Application for registration

  • VAT2

    Partnership details

  • VAT7

    Application to cancel your VAT registration

  • VAT65A

    Application for refund of VAT paid in an EU state for businesses not registered in any EU state

  • VAT68

    Request for transfer of a registration number

  • VAT427

    Reclaim or claim VAT relief when you cancel your VAT registration

  • VAT484

    Change your VAT registration details

  • VAT622

    Pay VAT from your bank or building society account

  • VAT652

    Tell HMRC about any errors in your VAT Return

  • WT2

    Report a reasonable excuse for submitting your VAT Return late

  • VAT65A

    Claim a VAT refund if your business is not registered in the UK or EU

  • VAT600FRS

    Apply to join the VAT Flat Rate Scheme

  • VAT431C

    Claim a VAT refund on a conversion if you’re a DIY housebuilder

  • CIS 340

    Construction Industry Scheme

  • P & D Statement

    Payment and deduction statement

  • CIS301

    Register for payment under deduction

  • CIS302

    Register for gross payment

  • CIS304

    Register your partnership as a subcontractor

  • CIS305

    Register your company

  • CIS141

    Claim a partner’s repayment of subcontractor deductions

  • CIS132

    Record amounts set off as company deductions


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